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Marie Huie Special Education Center

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What Makes Us Unique

Mission in CFBISD

Our Mission

The Mission of CFBISD, a diverse community of global learners, is to empower scholars to acquire life-long knowledge, skills, and values that prepares them to compete in the world marketplace while contributing to their community.


Our Vision

CFBISD will be an exceptional learning  community where all graduates impact and excel in a complex, interconnected, and ever-changing world.

Our Motto

High Expectations for All


Our Beliefs

•  Excellence in ALL learning opportunities

•  Respecting differences by embracing diversity

•  A growth mindset for students, faculty, and staff

•  Ongoing partnerships with the community

•  Support & love of the whole student​

Department Contacts

Staff Title Phone Number Email
Randi Wells Executive Director of Special Education 972-968-5800 wellsr@cfbisd.edu 
Dr. Karen Ward Special Education Coordinator 972-968-5855 wardK@cfbisd.edu
Jennifer Wright Special Education Coordinator 972-968-5859 wrightj@cfbisd.edu
Dr. Regena Little Special Education Coordinator 972-968-5852 littler@cfbisd.edu
Colleen Bardsley Lead Diagnostician 972-968-5864 bardsleyc@cfbisd.edu
Greer Fisher Lead License School Psychologist (LSSP) 972-968-5841 fisherg@cfbisd.edu
Kathleen Frye Lead Speech Language Pathologist (SLP) 972-968-5850 fryek@cfbisd.edu
Kristen Solete Lead Occupational Therapist (OT) Physical Therapist (PT) 972-968-5875 soleteK@cfbisd.edu
Michelle Westerfield Lead Behavior Resource Specialist (BRS) 972-968-5865 westerfieldM@cfbisd.edu
Diana Rivera Administrative Assistant Executive Director SPED 972-968-5805 riverad@cfbisd.edu
Valerie Lopez Administrative Assistant Coordinators 972-968-5856 lopezva@cfbisd.edu
Barbara Anderson-Groves Receptionist 972-968-5800 grovesb@cfbisd.edu